Freelance Creative Worker's Toolkit

Blogging has always been the part of my life because I was doing fashion blog during my university time, and it drives me to be the part of official blogger for Indonesia Fashion Week for 3 years straight. But as I graduate from university, the priority has changed as I started doing my professional career as a graphic designer.

But somehow I realize that I kinda miss blogging, I kinda miss writing my thoughts and stuffs, something like that. And eventually, there's a blog section on my web page so why don't I maximize them? And when it comes to blogging here, I'd like to write something related to the creative industry. That's all. As I believe that sharing is caring, for this post I'd like to share you about what should you own as a creative worker, especially if you're an independent worker. Sets of toolkits. Here I go.

Photo: Brad Neathery

Photo: Brad Neathery

• Laptop

Yes, you should own a laptop at first. For me, my laptop is like my other half. I literally spent almost 24 hours with my laptop, I always put it in my backpack and I bring them anywhere, I even bring them to the beach. My laptop is turning 4 years old at the moment. It's a 13 inch Macbook Pro 2013. Pretty handy and not too heavy so I'm good to bring it everywhere.

• Portable Modem

Because for me, internet connection is mandatory. For the last 4 months, I rented a room that does not provide an internet connection. That's the reason why personally, I need portable modem. So I can work from my room & anywhere, because there are numbers of good cafés in Bali but unfortunately, sometimes they got no internet, or even they got low signal connection. Having a portable modem would save your life in that certain situation. And mine is an M3Y portable modem from SmartFren. Because surprisingly, SmartFren is one of the front runner here in Bali. It has strong signal even when I bring my modem to the beach.

• Notebook & Pencil Case

In this digital era, I always believe that at the end, we're always back into a set of paper & pencil. So that's why, I bring this two pairs of best friends everywhere. Because no one knows that somehow you have an idea and you directly wanted to write it down, or somehow you received a sudden brief, you have your notebook set in your backpack. Or maybe you're in the mood for some doodles by the beach? Right?

• Camera

This is actually my personal list to bring, though. But why I think it's important for me to bring a camera is, you know when at one moment you see something interesting and you know you are not satisfied with your iPhone's capabilities, then capture them with your camera. A pocket sized camera is good enough, actually. Mine is a Fujifilm X-A2 with basic 16-50 mm kit lens. Quite enough for me to capture interesting moments here around the island.

• Name Card

What? A name card? I would say yes. For independent workers, name card is one important stuff you have to bring in your wallet. Because you'll never know that you might meet a potential client in a gallery. Like in my case, a friend of mine introduced me to his friend in the busy street of Kayu Aya, and when his friend knows me as a graphic designer, he directly asked about my portfolio. I opened my wallet and I'll let that little card speaks about myself.

So yeah, those are my toolkit as an independent designer. But take a note that every independent designers might have their own toolkits. And you're more than welcome to add your own toolkits if you have it ;)

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